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IYF-2016, Moscow: Young Specialists From Europe And Asia Discussed Current Problems Of Electric Power Industry


The first stage of the IYF-2016 included the business meetings of the Forum team members on May 17–19 in Moscow. Young energy specialists visited Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and its Campus, the unique facility of the Russian integrated power grid — the Skolkovo Underground Substation 220 kV, the Situation Analytical Center (SAC) of Rosseti, and got acquainted with the Smart City interactive stand.

The integrated development has become the topic of the current IYF-2016, its distinctive feature and motto is "From Competition to Cooperation". The IYF-2016 can be considered innovative, as the teams were formed according to the functional feature rather than to the country feature. The Technology Team decides which technologies and solutions can enrich their experience and which best practices are used in one or another company. The Finance Team works on the financial part of business and answers the question: how to launch new projects and ensure feasibility of the selected solutions. The Market Team summarizes the consumers' feedbacks, study their problems and possibilities.

The result of the Forum will be the project of universal interaction system of consumers and networks which is based on the reasonable energy consumption and is ready for pilot implementation in the member countries.

The work of the teams is coordinated by the Project Office including the most prominent representatives of the last year's teams, which provides continuity of the project work.

The first results of the teams' work were presented on May 19, 2016 at the meeting with the management of PJSC "Rosseti". The members of the IYF-2016 were greeted by Deputy Director General, HR, Nikolay Varlamov, Deputy Director General for Engineering Policy Valery Gordienko, Director of Situation Analytical Center of Rosseti Dmitry Gvozdev, Head of the Equipment Manufacturer Department Oleg Binder, Head of the Innovative Engineering Policy and Energy Efficiency Unit of the Technological Development and Innovation Department Dmitry Kapustin.

The management representatives evaluated first working results of the participants, answered their questions, and plotted a vector for their work at the next stages.

Nikolay Varlamov was the first who took the floor at the meeting on May 19. He gave a short presentation of the company in figures and noticed that Rosseti was a young company having the staff of about 220 thousand specialists, one third of which has not reached the age of 35.

Nikolay Varlamov told that traditional International Round Table was held within the St. Petersburg Economic Forum for the third time. This year it was decided to abandon the principle of national team formation and come over to the project work, so that the results of works presented in St.Petersburg were as realistic as possible. This decision was initiated by the heads of the teams of the Youth Forum in 2015, who signed the application appealing to joint and integrated work.

Addressing the young specialists, Deputy Director General for Engineering Policy Valery Gordienko mentioned the role of the Forum as an effective integration instrument and significance of the project tasks set by the participants, emphasizing that the participants played the role of the team members rather than competitors.

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