to the participants of the International Youth Energy Forum

by Rosseti CEO Oleg Budargin


Dear friends,


On behalf of Rosseti Group of companies, I am pleased to greet you as the participants of the International Youth Energy Forum. It is gratifying to know that our initiative has gathered the most perspective young professionals of the energy industry from different countries of Europe and Asia for the fourth time in a row.


The Youth Forum traditionally takes place under the flag of cross-border energy systems integration and international cooperation. None of global problem can be solved single-handedly these days, and our industry is not an exception. The cooperation of professionals from different countries is an only way to successful solution of industry challenges, and the Forum is a wonderful steppingstone for the beginning of this long-term and fruitful cooperation of young specialists who hold the future of global energy in their hands.


Our Forum gives the participants an opportunity to think as a team over the industry trends and future technologies, to develop advanced project solutions, propose them to the international jury, and to get an appraisal of potential implementation.


In Russia, the year 2017 has been announced as the Year of Energy. It places additional responsibility upon the energy industry, encourages creativity and innovative activity of the professional experts and the scientific community. I am sure that the projects you are working on within the Forum framework will help us strongly withstand the environmental issues.


I hope that you will obtain interesting and important results, and I have no doubt that the Forum's events will give you the opportunity to significantly broaden your professional horizons, to strengthen your professional contacts, and to create strong partnership relations with colleagues from other countries.


I wish you creative success, bright ideas and fruitful networking!


With best regards,

The CEO of Rosseti                                    Oleg Budarin