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IYF 2015: Visit to Moscow

On May 8, young power engineers from Russia, China, and France met with Mr. Oleg Budargin, Director General of JSC Rosseti, at the Company's central office in Moscow. The meeting was organised within the next stage of the fourth annual International Youth Forum held under the auspices of Rosseti. The meeting brought together the best young employees of Rosseti Group, State Grid Corporation of China, and Électricité de France, as well as promising scientists from leading Russian power engineering universities. "I remain a consistent supporter of integration, which ensures the robust development of the economies on the entire Eurasian continent. But before proceeding to the full-scale integration projects, we need to define common rules and behavioural philosophy in a single power grid," said the head of Rosseti, answering the question of a meeting participant. "We need a unified technical policy, approaches and standards." Speaking about the future of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin noted that the current situation where the transmission of electricity to Russian consumers is provided by nearly 3,000 private institutions, is inadmissible. He assured that Rosseti can manage all Russian power grids more efficiently than the current owners. "All aspects of the electric power transmission are our task and our business." Prior to the meeting with the head of Rosseti, the forum participants had intensively worked on the projects, had visited a modern substation Odintsovo, and had taken a tour of Rosseti central office, where the guests could see an interactive stand Smart City and the Situation Analysis Centre of the Company. This year, the main topic of the Forum is devoted to various aspects of the national power grid integration. The teams should most accurately identify the trends that will shape the energy sector development in the 25-year term, as well as provide suggestions for addressing possible challenges to integration. On May 9, the forum delegates took part in ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945. They visited a memorial complex The Defensive Line of Moscow and the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill. The visit of the International Youth Energy Forum participants in Moscow ended on May 10. Rosseti always looks forward to the future and actively involves young professionals in solving the key tasks in the electrical power industry.

Group «IYEF-2018 News»


IYF-2016, Moscow: Young Specialists From Europe And Asia Discussed Current Problems Of Electric Power Industry

​The first stage of the IYF-2016 included the business meetings of the Forum team members on May 17–19 in Moscow. Young energy specialists visited Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and its Campus, the unique facility of the Russian integrated power grid — the Skolkovo Underground Substation 220 kV, the Situation Analytical Center (SAC) of Rosseti, and got acquainted with the Smart City interactive stand.