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IYF 2016: St. Petersburg Will Host the International Youth Forum

PJSC Rosseti once again organize the International Youth Forum (IYF) that will take place on June 13-17. In order to participate in the forum finals, teams from national energy companies of Russia, France, China, Belarus and Germany will visit the Northern Capital. IYF 2016 is dedicated to integrated development. The result of the forum's work should be a project of a universal system of interaction between users and networks based on rational energy consumption that is ready for pilot implementation in the participating countries. Since May 2016 forum participants have been working remotely at the IYF portal. On May 17, 2016 the young specialists will visit Moscow, where they will discuss the development of the project with the professors and experts of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Another trip for the IYF participants is planned to Germany (Bavaria) and to St. Petersburg for the finals. This year the teams are formed from representatives of different countries by function areas: technologies, finance, markets. In order to preserve the best practices developed previous years, the forum will coordinate the so-called project office that is run by the best participants of IYF teams of 2015. The work of teams from different countries will conclude in participation in the round table of PJSC Rosseti at the 2016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.